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We’re months past the winter holidays and sellers have a great chance to think about what we’ve learned, now that the dust has settled. Each holiday shopping season is an intense, focused study in what motivates customers to buy and brings many opportunities for improvement. Looking back, it would be too easy to think that […]


Mohamed Sanu’s critical first down overturned thanks to the NFL’s catch rule

The catch rule strikes again!

In the fourth quarter down 15-10, the Falcons were faced with a third-and-6 at their own 42. Matt Ryan threw a pass to Mohamed Sanu, gaining a first down:

The parents stressed that you earn your future in this world. Minkah Sr. took his son to the shop where he works 70-hour weeks as a diesel mechanic and volunteered him for the dirtiest, heaviest jobs. “If you don’t want to be here forever,” he would remind the boy, “you better keep those grades up.” Minkah was accepted to St. Peter’s Prep, an all?boys school an hour away. The fall of 2011, his freshman year, was about to begin when Hurricane Irene crashed into New Jersey.

After all that up top, did you expect anything elseThe Red Raiders opened a lot of eyes with a road win last week and they’ll get the chance to repeat the feat in Norman on Wednesday and try to follow West Virginia’s lead in (relatively) slowing down Trae Young. One imagines that after the frustration of going up against the Mountaineers, the Sooners will be raring to go on their home floor, especially with the opportunity to pick up such a high-quality win while avoiding a two-game skid. While all eyes will understandably be on Young, don’t miss a chance to take in the talents of Texas Tech’s Keenan Evans, who’s having his own stellar season.

Four days later, after Colorado upset Arizona, which was also implicated in the scandal, Buffaloes coach Tad Boyle was asked whether Arizona’s connection to the FBI probe added extra satisfaction to the win, Boyle responded, “Hell yes.”

With the way tensions ratchet up in the sport this time of year, it’s hard to imagine this is the last time the subject is broached publicly as fodder for competitive banter. As if weathering the calamity of the probe wasn’t difficult enough, it’s now clear the teams involved will have to deal with some extra motivated opponents as well.

“I want to thank Ted for his tireless efforts as the general manager of the Green Bay Packers for these past 13 seasons,” team president Mark Murphy said via the Packers’ announcement. “Under his guidance, the Packers enjoyed a remarkable run of success, one that included our 13th world championship, four NFC Championship appearances and eight consecutive postseason berths.”patriots_302_79af8fd2821400f3-180x180

Bengals fans donate to Blake Bortles’ charity for beating Steelers

Bills fans flooded the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation with donations after Andy Dalton’s last-minute touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd not only secured a Bengals win at Baltimore, but also sent the Bills to the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 season.

The Eagles and Jaguars both completed worst-to-first turnarounds this season in their respective divisions. Five of the eight division winners (Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints and Jaguars) finished in either third or fourth place in their divisions last year.

Swipe for Sporting News’ picks and predictions for all four wild-card playoff games this weekend.

By stepping on the pedal with Brees early, New Orleans took Carolina out of its running game, with Newton or backs Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey. Except for a late lapse in which McCaffrey sped through the defense for a 56-yard catch-and-run TD that made the game a lot closer than it needed to be in the fourth quarter, the Saints forced the Panthers to sustain long, pass-heavy drives to score. That plan worked, too, with multiple red-zone stops throughout the game.

And it’s all a bit absurd, because while surely no one is thrilled about ownership in Cleveland (and that’s not changing,) the Browns are teeming with selling points. Perhaps most importantly: They have an offensive line. A good offensive line that, if Joe Thomas is 100% healthy and Shon Coleman continues to develop, could be very good by next fall.

You’re not going to get your pretty face smashed in playing behind this line. They have the running game to carry the load early for a young QB. They also have a ton of draft picks and a ton of cap space, and they no longer have Sashi Brown trying to live out his childhood fantasy of owning every pick of a particular NFL draft (I could keep letting the clock expire and then pass myself, I’d rule the world!).

What Mariota did here is impressive, and not just because it’s fun to see a quarterback get his hands dirty and make a block. The Titans ran a zone-read option play, a common call in the college game that’s become more and more common in the NFL.patriots_050_432816d500d73104-180x180

Why the Packers promoted Brian Gutekunst to GM, in a 90-second read

The Green Bay Packers named Brian Gutekunst as the new general manager, as first reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The Packers made it official on Monday.

The Titans’ comeback win means that the Chiefs now haven’t won a playoff game at home since Joe Montana was their quarterback. Andy Reid is now 1-4 with the Chiefs in the postseason, with Saturday’s loss just being another in a long line of disappointing playoff moments for Kansas City.

Each week, we’ll get to know a standout player a little better by asking them about some of the best things in the world. This week we welcome Marquette guard Markus Howard, who is averaging 23.5 points while shooting 40.1% from three. So, Markus, tell us about the best …

…meal that you can make. “My pasta. My mom’s a great cook and she taught me how to cook a lot of different things, but my pasta’s really good. I like doing a penne with cream sauce and I put different herbs in it. It’s hard to cook here because we don’t have a stove, but when I’m back home I like to cook a lot. I make a lot of breakfast food. Me and my brother [Jordan, a guard at Central Arkansas] will switch off and take turns cooking. My go-to is either pancakes and bacon or eggs and waffles.”

This isn’t the game a lot of people expected 12 weeks into the regular season. The Falcons weren’t playing great while the Eagles were riding high with MVP candidate Carson Wentz.

But thanks to an upset in the first round for the Falcons over the Rams and an injury to Wentz late in the season, fans get a Nick Foles-Matt Ryan matchup which could go either way.

Along with winning and great success comes a lot of things, Brady said. I think for a long time we’ve done a great job of winning games and it forces people to be creative with what they talk about and the things they write and the things they may speculate on. Diagnosing football plays doesn’t get the attention that some of these other things might. So speculating on relationships, or what my feelings are towards my team or my organization, or players or coaches, I can only speak for myself. And really, my relationships with everybody that I deal with, I feel are so positive. To think any differently of that is complete nonsense.patriots_025_ada3e7ae71ca947a-180x180

Mike Mularkey’s job is in jeopardy if Titans lose to Chiefs, report says

The Titans made the playoffs this season, but coach Mike Mularkey’s job is reportedly in danger.

The Titans are preparing for their AFC Wild Card Game on Saturday against the Chiefs, but according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Mularkey could be fired if the team does not win.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be out to prove that 30-9 loss to the Jaguars in Week 5 was a fluke. Roethlisberger was intercepted five times in that game and the Steelers will look to establish running back Le’Veon Bell early.

The Steelers defense will key on Jaguars back Leonard Fournette after he ran for 181 yards in the regular-season matchup. If the Steelers can contain Fournette, it’s unlikely struggling Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles will be able to outduel Roethlisberger, who will have All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown back from injury.

NFL TV talent is paid for the gift of talking skills. But the best of the best were left almost speechless by Sunday’s Minnesota Miracle in which the Vikings pulled off a 29-24, come-from-behind victory over the Saints in the Divisional playoffs.

Once they recovered their wits, sports TV announcers and analysts said Stefon Diggs’ 61-yard catch and run touchdown off a pass by Case Keenum will go down as one of the greatest plays in NFL history, along with stunners such as Terry Bradshaw’s Immaculate Reception to Franco Harris in 1972 and Roger Staubach’s original Hail Mary to Drew Pearson to beat the Vikings in 1975.

Atlanta, with no chance to play a home playoff game this time, began with a tough test in the wild-card round, traveling cross-country to Los Angeles to take on the Rams, winning 26-13. But from the Falcons at 10-6 to the Eagles and Vikings at 13-3, little separates the six teams in the strong NFC playoff field.

Looking at the Falcons’ profile as a No. 6 seed with long, 12-1 odds (per Bovada) to win the conference again, there a lot of things to like.

The Falcons, in beating four other 2016 playoff teams (Packers, Lions, Cowboys, Seahawks), ensured their return even with one less victory. They also split against the new NFC South-champion Saints and runner-up Panthers. That built up a 9-3 conference record, third best and only one game off the Eagles and Vikings.

The Falcons had a little more momentum last season, winning the final four games and 5 of 7 after a Week 11 bye. This year, they still finished 3-1 to take 6 of 8. They have been in a lot of one-possession games, winning 6 of 10.

Should the Vikings get there, ticket prices could skyrocket by as much as four, five or six times their printed price. Or more, according to the report.

Let’s just say that if the Vikings win, there will be a lot of bass fishing boats for sale next week in Minnesota, joked one broker.patriots_093_d3ab648e5c36960a-180x180

He was already 33 when he played his first season for the Leafs, but seemed to get better with age.

”His road to the Maple Leafs and the four Cups was much bumpier harder and longer than many of us,” Keon said. ”And yet, he became the centerpiece of our team. Winning the Cup takes heart, but John was our soul.”

Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1976, Bower’s No. 1 was raised to the rafters in Maple Leafs Gardens in 1995 and permanently retired in 2016 when he was voted the seventh-best Leaf in the franchise’s centennial season.

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Ireland recorded a record nine-try victory over Italy the Six Nations.Shot Misses the Net.Most large TMCs nowadays have a native app experience on Android and iOS.And then that funny thing happens.I ‘t show a whole lot but it was pretty special.We had a lot of a lot of nights.

But here are the numbers you should keep in mind while thinking about the decline of a once-proud offense. What follows is a look at the worst three teams in the NFL since opening day 2016, and their average points per game since then. Compare that to Eli Manning’s numbers over that same stretch, and you’ll see a very good reason why the Giants will have to change head coaches after the season:

Terry , 23 Linda St., Gray, failure to appear.KOCE and KPBS NCIS: New Orleans After thousands of classified and highly sensitive government files are stolen, the team tries to make contact with a group of hackers that was co-founded by Bertrand , Pride’s old contact.Speaking from a statistical standpoint, I would say this could be his best season of his career.We’ll what happens the draft coming up.He had much potential, and we told him he’d have opportunity to make it this league, Levy said.There’s definitely a lot of rust.

the Boys division Connor Stewart had another fantastic day by rolling a 292 single and a 662 triple.He reportedly has tens of millions investments which likely bring high-six figures or more interest returns.It’ll be great for the fans to get to some of us old-timers.There was no use of force or hands-on type of situation at all.

At 37, Briere knew his best days as a player were behind him.his junior , the Alabama defense was ‘ to lead.Bender played sound off-ball defense, clinging to Sacchetti and , and he did a good job denying the ball to Sassari shooters.He’s doing good, Burns said.Taking a flyer on the veteran forward could offer some great rewards.Yet seems a bit regretful about his college days, saying: I didn’t pick the best path, that’s for sure.bears_009-223x223

a few football fields from the home stadium of the Buffalo Bills

It’s 10 a.m., and about the same number of degrees outside. “A little early for beer,” remarks a patron at this local watering hole. This is merely an observation; not a deterrent. He proceeds to take a long swig of cold Bud Light.

Just not a football Sunday in January—at least, not since the days of Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed and Bruce Smith, the Bills greats who used to pop by this neighborhood joint in the 1990s.

It’s a job he is confident he can do, he just has to take that next step.There was some great channel flippin’ between the ho Muzzin was added to Canada and Gaborik was added to Europe as World Cup of Hockey rosters were finalized on Friday.Blah blah blah.Pass to Cammalleri.

These terms be updated from time to time, please read them before posting a comment.Travis is a useful pitcher.Minnesota used it on us before we could use it.I watching them, he said.

Every offseason, They pick a mutually convenient restaurant or coffee shop, crack open their laptops, and spill. Nothing is considered private at the table. “Every piece of trivial information that we can get our hands on, we trade to help each other get better,” Hitchcock says. “It’s like a four-hour individual coaching symposium.”

It was definitely big for us, Niederreiter said.Every day that goes bye, just makes me think that this is all a smoke screen and the Glazers ‘t really have any intention of building this team quickly and spending close to the cap.The only tree dad has ever wanted, I now realize, is a family tree.A replay ruled that Rizzo had come off the bag, but it almost didn’t matter; the throw itself was enough to leave Cubs fans salivating.

As one looks over the MLB Hall of Fame, there are bound to be players inducted that make one wonder who they were.His production slipped with each year that passed, complete with more off-the-court issues at every stop.

Two Rivers Water Protectors say the border reveals the federal government’s priorities when it comes to regulating pipelines, noting that while the federal government easily greenlit ETP’s pipelines to cross major waterways like the Rio Grande and the Missouri River , it showed more hesitation regarding ETP’s plan to route the Comanche Trail pipeline under the border fence and under the federally-owned Canal, filing injunction to halt construction on the pipeline November, and filing another motion to ensure the Department of Homeland Security has opportunity to review ETP’s route.If a comment violates these standards or our terms of service, click the X the upper right corner of the comment box.Diaz, the Mariners’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year, likely return to Class AA .bears_142-223x223

Take a look past the top tier of Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Toronto and what you’ll find are a bunch of teams having sneakily good seasons.

Bet you didn’t realize just how dangerous the Islanders’ offense is. Did you know how good Los Angeles is on defense?

All of that makes things interesting. After the top tier, there are 14 teams—Nashville to Chicago on this list—that have legitimate shots at doing something like winning at least a round in the playoffs. That’s 17 really good teams in the NHL. For all the talk about just how bad Arizona and Buffalo have been, the quality of play at the top of the NHL is better than ever.

We’re seeing Vegas slip slightly, and you have to wonder where they would be with a healthy Marc-Andre Fleury. Malcolm Subban has been pretty good since the return from injury, but Fleury would provide a more stabilizing influence on the team.

Josh Bailey and John Tavares might be second-best duo in the NHL right now—there’s no way anybody guessed that entering the season.

Quietly, Tyler Myers is having a nice season. The bueliner is playing 20 minutes a game with 14 points and is a plus-seven. While the offense gets the attention, the defense is holding it down, too.

His also changes at each of the field if the wind is significant.Both enter the Hall of Fame this summer.Man, if I was him, I’d be scared to death.The Block & Tackle never wrong prediction: Baltimore 17, Miami 16.We are excited to welcome to the Magic family, Hennigan said.

He was half the reason why it was special.There’s so few of those players the NFL.No Emails or Links No advertising allowed.27,, at 8 p.m.He is more athletic than any of the other backup tight ends and can also shift into the backfield and play a lead blocker, running back hybrid.

I said, ‘What?Oshie’s dad , whom he affectionally calls , has been battling Alzheimer’s since at least 2012.Right now, it appears Chalmers and Hinrich are out.Nonetheless, his 2012 tape is crazy and if PCJS think he can regain his old form, they take him as high as the 64th pick.

Seven years after winning his first Rumble, 12-time WWE world champion Orton has once again booked a ticket to .Overall, Dwyer was a tremendous player for the Yellow Jackets and was a sure fire HIT.Shoppers Drug Mart’s Growing Women’s Campaign has aided women the East community for the last seven years, raising more than $180 that time.They obviously won’t enjoy seeing what happened to Finley, who took a blow to the head from safety Tashaun Gipson at the end of a 10-yard reception.

It would be hard not to fall in love with an arm talent like this after just watching this game.

But this is why NFL scouts do what they do. They watch more than one quarter of play. As amazing as Allen’s first quarter was, evaluating Allen takes more than one 15-minute stretch of a bowl game.

Allen has all of the talent in the world, that is clear, but he completed just 56.2 percent of his passes this season, 56.0 percent last year, and has thrown 21 interceptions in two years with the Cowboys. Those are numbers to take note of, and when you also consider another overlooked stat from Friday’s game, it makes you think a little more.

The 21-year-old completed six of his first seven passes Friday, three of which went for touchdowns, but then went five for his next 12 with no TDs. That’s more reminiscent of his career stats.

No one can say definitively Allen will not be a good NFL quarterback. It is very possible he will be. But just because a player has one good quarter his evaluation does not change. Allen has had problems with accuracy and has not dominated his conference despite not playing in the Power 5. He had some great highlights in Boise, but don’t fall in love with the highlights. Listen to Barber and evaluate the player as a whole, and not by one fantastic stretch.

I was nervous about having the surgery at first, and a big reason for that was that it would require me to step away from the team again.Josi is offensive defenseman with tremendous ability to move with the puck.He was a huge part of the transformation of the Cohan- laughing stock to the Lacob-West-Myers juggernaut.

It was apparent that I was a good people person-good with clients, good managing people.Hill was all for it until he realized it was not for a visit.Pursues hard laterally and downfield.Beard visited Hardin-Simmons once the fall and again , before ultimately deciding last week that he wanted to join the Cowboys and head coach Jesse Burleson.Although, I will say that I’d expect Sandoval and a few prospects to be shipped off, which would clear away the logjam and luxury tax problems.He also finished any given week among the top three cornerbacks coverage grade on three occasions.

A former second round pick, has had quite a few peaks and valleys Philadelphia.Perhaps unsurprisingly, some fans online were concerned about ‘s health the aftermath.Paguea also gave credit to .The current Browns’ regime hasn’t had enough time to undo all the mistakes from past regimes and put their stamp on this team.He try to keep the good times rolling a home start against the Angels next time he toes the rubber.

It was the next 30 that gave Philadelphia fits.

Jamie Oleksiak made it 5-1 with a power-play goal in the third to seal just the Penguins’ fourth win over the last 11 games.

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It took me a while to even build up the courage to challenge him.Of course you do.Tye has solid hands and a presence over the middle but lacks the explosive talent to burn defenses deep.It was far less than Hayes deserved.Even still, it’s unlikely.NEW ORLEANS, LA DECEMBER 24: Tampa Bay Buccaneers strong safety eyes New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees as he passes downfield during the NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on December 24 at the -Benz Superdome New Orleans, LA.

Thomas showed flashes of what made him an All-Star in his long-awaited debut for the Cavaliers, who snapped a three-game losing streak by beating the Portland Trail Blazers 127-110 on Tuesday night.

“It’s been a long journey for me,” Thomas said. “I couldn’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. For that day to come the first couple days of 2018, it’s going to be a special year.”

It was a special night for Thomas, who scored 17 points and played 19 minutes in his first game in seven months, an impressive return to action for the dynamic point guard traded to Cleveland last summer. He added three 3-pointers and three assists before leaving with 8:10 remaining and the Cavs up by 12.

Before leaving the floor, Thomas got a hug from LeBron James and one from Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, who pulled him close and offered two perfect words.astros_002

Connor Hellebuyck makes 35 saves, Jets beat Oilers 5-0

Connor Hellebuyck deflected credit as easily as he turned aside the Edmonton Oilers.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama — Fitzpatrick joined Charles Woodson and Patrick Peterson as the only players in college football history to win the Bednarik and Thorpe Awards in the same season as it’s easy to see why. The 6-1, 200-pound versatile secondary player is drawing comparisons to the Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey and could also be taken in the top five like Ramsey. Fitzpatrick recorded three tackles (one for loss) and a pass breakup as he helped hold Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow catch-less until the game was secured in the fourth quarter of the Tide’s 24-6 win in the Sugar Bowl.

“But I’ll be good,” Harden added. “[It was concerning] especially [when] you don’t know what it is or you have never experienced it before. Like I really can’t run. If I am going to play. But I really couldn’t run so let me go back here and see what is going on. We’ll see. I think we don’t play again until [Wednesday against Orlando]. … So I got a couple of days.”

“We’ll have plenty of time,” Cousins said. “The league’s set up in a way that we have a lot of time to make those decisions and I’ll use all the time that I can, be very thorough and diligent but I need to catch my breath.”

The Redskins, 7-9 in 2017, have franchise-tagged Cousins the past two seasons, putting $44 million in his bank account. A third straight franchise tag would put him in line for $34 million in 2018 if the sides can’t reach a long-term deal, which, obviously, thus far they’ve been unable to do.

That leaves coach Jay Gruden hanging — again.

He spent the 2006 as a member of the Rock Cats, and 2007 with the Triple-A Rochester Red .‘Well he should have called louder.’ ‘If he’d called any louder he’d have broken council bye laws.Its cumulative effect magnifies the toll of those 93 snaps.I mean, it’s not often that I get to begin a story with I was Hollywood at a music video shoot nor do I often get to end it with and then I got banned from ‘s studio.Oh yeah this song as Brazil this Millie Vanilli now fact girl residents.He still comes to the rink smiling.There had been talk before the 2010 draft that the Chiefs would take Okung with the No.And with the Blue Devils set to face UNC Thursday night Durham before a national television audience, the glare of the spotlight be shining brighter on than anyone on the floor.I would love to help you with a FREE Staging Evaluation that can help you get the most money for your house.