Former Patriots, Colts coach Ron Meyer dies at 76

Devastated to hear the passing of my coach and great friend Ron Meyer. My mom and I loved Coach Meyer. He was a great man. Coach and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

How much fun are you having in the Saints offense, especially with the running game and watching rookie Alvin Kamara?

Ginn: “I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been a blessing, 11 years in this game and still having an opportunity to play.

“It’s been a blessing to come onto this squad and witness some of the things I’ve witnessed outside of Kamara coming in as a rookie doing the things that he (does), sparking a guy like Mark (Ingram) in the backfield, wanting to do better. Drew doing the things he (does).

“After having a couple years they’ve had in the past, it just shows what type of organization this is. It shows what they were trying to do in the draft; what they did in free agency; it just shows they wanted to win. They put some great guys together and we’re just having a ball.”

Del Rio said after the game that Cooper was OK, though in the league’s concussion protocol, but the Raiders coach clearly was upset with the hit that knocked his wide receiver unconscious in Sunday’s brawl-marred 21-14 victory.

“It was a vicious hit,” Del Rio told reporters (via NBC Sports Bay Area). “It’s the kind we’re trying to remove from our game, quite frankly. You see less and less of those. I’m sure the league will take a hard look at it. Those are the kinds of impact hits that don’t need to be a part of our game right now. The guy is clearly defensive less and got targeted right in the head. There’s a chance to hit in the strike zone and be somewhere else and not be there like that.”

After catching a pass over the middle in the second quarter, Cooper ducked his head and shoulders as Broncos safety Darian Stewart closed in and delivered a hard head-down blow with his shoulder into the back of Cooper’s head and his neck.

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