Evans’ comments came a day after Jeter said Miami was yet to decide whether to trade Stanton.

Tuukka Rask has rediscovered his game and the Boston Bruins are starting to become the type of team they want to be in front of him — one that’s tough defensively.

I say “should” because the refs ended up blowing the play dead for no damn reason at all, stopping the play before Fowler could get in the end zone.

“He’s obviously passionate about winning, he’s passionate about the game and really presented himself extremely well,” Evans said. “He had a lot of questions for us and I thought our meeting went well. But again it’s a tough decision for him. He may take a lot of time before he’s ready to make that call.”

On Wednesday, Giants general manager Bobby Evans confirmed on San Francisco’s flagship radio station, KNBR, that the club reached agreement on a potential trade for Stanton after team executives gathered with the outfielder and his representatives in “a good meeting” last week.

San Francisco, which won World Series titles in 2010, ’12 and ’14, is coming off a surprising last-place finish in the NL West at 64-98 to avoid the club’s first 100-loss season since 1985.

Apple, 22, has been the subject of much discussion this season. One source told ESPN that he is disliked within the organization. Another source described him as “being in the doghouse.” That makes sense, given that he has been shelved the past four weeks and has started only seven games this season.

The Giants have been in no rush for Apple to return, despite starting Ross Cockrell and Brandon Dixon at cornerback, with Rodgers-Cromartie playing the slot.

“He’s cool with me because I understand. I used to be that guy. You feel me?” Rodgers-Cromartie said. “When you’re going through stuff, sometimes you don’t know how to act out, so you act a certain way. I get that. It takes someone to hone in and make you feel loved.mariners_749

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