Alan Rood is the kind of coach who doesn’t let anything go.

On the sideline he has just one volume level: loud. So when one of his Von Steuben High guards lets a defensive end get past on the inside for an easy lane to the ball carrier, Rood calls the player off the field to correct him immediately. “You have to come downhill!” he says. “If I go downhill, no one can get inside of me!

I feel like you’re in P.E. right now and giving half your effort!” Five minutes later Rood walks back over to the same player to provide some more loud feedback on the same mistake. He hasn’t moved on.

And then the home game would come and they would come see me, and the joy that they had, and then at the end of the season we would sit down and my kids, especially my two boys, they’d say, ‘Dad, you have to keep playing, we love it.’ They are so supportive and so it’s like, I’m sitting there going, ‘Do you really want me to play, or are you just glad Dad is not home to cut off the Xbox?’”

That wouldn’t be a record — the 1932 World Series between the Yankees and Cubs featured 13 Hall of Famers, including two guys named Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig — but it would be the most for a World Series since 1950 and a radical departure from some recent matchups.

(There’s also the matter of the Jaguars finding people for that quarterback to throw to; Allen Robinson is a free agent and coming off a torn ACL, Marqise Lee is also a UFA and Allen Hurns is a potential cap casualty, even more likely with this acquisition).

They’ll presumably move on from Abry Jones, and might have to do the same with Malik Jackson to make space for Dareus in 2018. Even if they free up $19 million by letting Blake Bortles go, that basically covers their 2018 draft class.

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