Cavaliers’ trade acquisitions will not play vs. Hawks Friday, report says

Neither Rodney Hood, nor George Hill will play for the Cavaliers when they face off with the Hawks Friday as Cleveland waits for its trade with the Kings and Jazz to be finalized.

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, now-former Cavaliers forward Iman Shumpert will not be able to get his physical done with the Kings until Saturday at the earliest. The trade is not complete until he passes his physical.

The video caused an uproar Sunday morning, which caused the video to be re-edited so Redick wasn’t in the montage.

Still, many fans are upset and are also demanding a statement and an apology from the NBA, even though the video was licensed to Chinese media company Tencent.

There’s still the possibility that the team moves on from Joe Johnson, however. Johnson has been hoping for a trade out of Utah, and if a deal can’t be found, he will be a candidate to have the remainder of his $10 million bought out. Miami, which signed Johnson in 2016 after he was bought out by the Nets, would be a potential destination. The Sixers, if they’re unable to add a wing on Thursday, would have interest as well.

On the defensive end, Porter appears to be a mixed bag. At times, his size and mobility are overwhelming for smaller opponents, but occasionally, he can be lackadaisical in making rotations and getting back in transition. His lateral quickness also isn’t great, and he doesn’t always sit down in a stance, although he’s capable.

In theory, Porter could be a multi-positional defender who can help on the defensive glass, as evidenced by the 16.6 rebounds per 40 minutes he grabbed in the Nike EYBL. It’s not clear he’s actualized that defensive potential yet. Realistically, one of the most valuable aspects of Porter potentially taking the floor for Missouri would be the opportunity to see him play defensively. How’s his effort? Does he fit in well within a team scheme? Can he regularly guard quicker small forwards?

Meanwhile, other coaches have tougher jobs to make sure they get the mix just right, like McLellan and the young North America .Really, this category should be for the least unlikely team, not the likely team.The process be completed after laces them up tightly that his well-worn knuckles are bright red with the effort.lions_240

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