Adding to the haze is Chase Field is already one of the more inconsistent venues.

Trout, who grew up in New Jersey as an Eagles fan, said that when he realized he could get tickets to the Super Bowl, he figured, They have a good chance of winning, so he told his wife, We should probably be a part of it.

I was fortunate enough to get a few extra tickets and make it happen, he said.

Recalling this is based on a 25-50 percent range in home run loss and 5 percent fewer hits, seeing what happens with best- and worst-case scenarios provides a range of likely outcomes. Applying the maximum home run effect along with increasing strikeouts while shaving off some walks results in a factor of 95, a moderate pitchers’ park. Using the minimum influence with a smaller decrease in hits while leaving strikeouts and walks the same results in an index of 105. Admittedly, this is a large range, adding another layer of risk-reward to drafting Diamondbacks pitchers.

Beginning with last season’s index, the factors for the past five seasons are 120, 122, 106, 116 and 97. The standard deviation for Chase Field’s run index is one of the largest in MLB.

It’s obviously cool, Trout said of such prospects. But I go out there and play. I don’t think about any of that stuff. We brought in a bunch of new guys and we’re trying to compete for a championship.

I’m out here just to play baseball. The other things will take care of themselves later.

Newly signed Chris Young has the inside track to be the Angels’ fourth outfielder. Young, 34, appeared in 90 games last season for Boston, hitting .235 with seven homers and 25 RBIs. Chris obviously has a veteran’s presence, but he’s still athletic like he was in his younger days, Scioscia said. He matches up really well against left-handed pitching. He can play all three outfield positions. Young, an All-Star with Arizona in 2010, has a career average of .237 with 185 home runs. This is an opportunity to be on a winning ballclub. That’s what I was looking for, he said. … Joe Torre, MLB’s chief baseball officer, met with Scioscia on Monday to discuss pace-of-play issues.bears_002

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