A trace of eye-roll could be detected in Pederson’s words, which would not place him in the minority among NFL coaches.

Wesley Matthews, Dallas Mavericks (33.8 percent): An inefficient scoring pattern — Matthews has hit just 39.4 percent of his shots over the past three seasons — limits this gifted defender from being a consistent fantasy commodity. That all said, Matthews is hot from the field of late and merits immediate consideration; he’s tallied 2.8 3PG and 16.3 PPG in 36.1 MPG over the past eight games.

Wayne Ellington, Miami Heat (13.1 percent): A mid-career reinvention is always a fun story. In Ellington’s case, he’s become a sharpshooter of the highest degree, as he’s second behind only Williams in added value in 3-point shooting among shooting guards during the past 15 days.

They are obsessed with preparation and detail, and the post-touchdown displays provide proof their players are spending at least a few minutes planning how to celebrate a score.

Papa John’s president and chief operating officer Steve Ritchie added at the time that his company has been the most recognized NFL sponsor for the past two years, suggesting that its success is more linked to that of the league than is the case for other pizza chains. He said that he expected the earnings decline for Papa John’s “to persist” until “a solution is put in place” by the NFL for its player protests.

“The statements made on our earnings call were describing the factors that impact our business and we sincerely apologize to anyone that thought they were divisive,” Papa John’s said Tuesday. “That definitely was not our intention.

“I thought we could have got a better shot then,” Green said in reference to that offensive sequence. “… It is what it is.”

When I was a kid, I had a Lynn Swann jersey. Like I said, I rooted for the Steelers. And honestly, now I enjoy watching them play. Mike Tomlin’s from my home town. And aside from the games that are always on Sundays — the Redskins and the Ravens — there are a lot of Steelers games on. So I figure, well, let’s watch some Steelers games and see how that goes. I’ve always kind of felt myself wanting them to win anyway, except when they play the Redskins. I’ve been an NFL fan for long enough that I still find the games interesting. I’m still an NFL fan. I’ll still watch [the playoffs], and I’m sure I’ll root for the Steelers, and we’ll see what happens.cowboys_032

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