Why the Packers promoted Brian Gutekunst to GM, in a 90-second read

The Green Bay Packers named Brian Gutekunst as the new general manager, as first reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The Packers made it official on Monday.

The Titans’ comeback win means that the Chiefs now haven’t won a playoff game at home since Joe Montana was their quarterback. Andy Reid is now 1-4 with the Chiefs in the postseason, with Saturday’s loss just being another in a long line of disappointing playoff moments for Kansas City.

Each week, we’ll get to know a standout player a little better by asking them about some of the best things in the world. This week we welcome Marquette guard Markus Howard, who is averaging 23.5 points while shooting 40.1% from three. So, Markus, tell us about the best …

…meal that you can make. “My pasta. My mom’s a great cook and she taught me how to cook a lot of different things, but my pasta’s really good. I like doing a penne with cream sauce and I put different herbs in it. It’s hard to cook here because we don’t have a stove, but when I’m back home I like to cook a lot. I make a lot of breakfast food. Me and my brother [Jordan, a guard at Central Arkansas] will switch off and take turns cooking. My go-to is either pancakes and bacon or eggs and waffles.”

This isn’t the game a lot of people expected 12 weeks into the regular season. The Falcons weren’t playing great while the Eagles were riding high with MVP candidate Carson Wentz.

But thanks to an upset in the first round for the Falcons over the Rams and an injury to Wentz late in the season, fans get a Nick Foles-Matt Ryan matchup which could go either way.

Along with winning and great success comes a lot of things, Brady said. I think for a long time we’ve done a great job of winning games and it forces people to be creative with what they talk about and the things they write and the things they may speculate on. Diagnosing football plays doesn’t get the attention that some of these other things might. So speculating on relationships, or what my feelings are towards my team or my organization, or players or coaches, I can only speak for myself. And really, my relationships with everybody that I deal with, I feel are so positive. To think any differently of that is complete nonsense.patriots_025_ada3e7ae71ca947a-180x180

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