Apple, get U2 off my iPhone!

In an unprecedented marketing machination, Apple has just forcefully distributed U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence”to all iPhone owners – up to 500 million of them.  Take a second to ...

If your marketing isn’t relevant enough now…what’s going to happen next?

There’s an ongoing, symbiotic evolution of both consumer technology and consumer expectations that leaves marketers struggling to keep up. Adding to the challenge, the ways marketers have responded—by accumulating marketing ...

Death of the enterprise salesman

The enterprise sales rep, as we know them, is dying a quick death. That doesn’t mean that enterprise selling is over by any means. All organizations need software, on-premise and ...

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Stop talking about Internet of Things as a strategy

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a strategy. Neither is mobile, social ...

It’s on you to maintain your customer’s momentum

“People maintain habits until they don’t.” This quote from American economist Richard Thaler is ...

Kaua’i Marathon’s lessons about business

This morning was the Kaua’i Marathon and Half Marathon and for me, ...

Marketers, the default option shouldn’t be random

There’s a remarkable (and very predictable) fact about the human race that ...

The gaming industry has a lot to teach marketers

Study after study shows that our brains love small, predictable rewards more ...

Marketers need to be immersed in data

“Immerse yourself in the data,” doesn’t mean “Be aware of the data,” ...

Does your whole organization agree on your marketing success metrics?

How you define success determines how you evaluate strategy and ongoing operations. This ...

The Ice Bucket Challenge’s awesome combo of charity and creativity

The Internet certainly has its blessings and its curses…what we’ve gained in ...

The Internet of Things and the high cost of old habits

I simply needed a new alarm clock. I had gone years with ...

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Do you understand your patterns of customer engagement?

In a recent post, I talked about the customer marketing lifecycle and the marketer’s most important job—getting customers to the Maintain Phase as quickly as possible and keeping them there as long as possible. Achieving that goal requires marketers to know the marketing maintenance patterns for their business and for their particular breed of customers. […]

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Spend foolishly on marketing and lose margin…and your customers

Why do your customers _______ (buy, rent, subscribe, bank, fly, etc.) with you? This is a complicated question because there are many “paths” to the answer, not unlike the directions Google gives from Point A to Point B in a modern city. It depends on each customer’s individual goals and preferences…the rough equivalent of deciding […]

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Are you putting focus on your desired customer behaviors?

When customer loyalty marketing is firing on all cylinders, the effects are indisputable. It is a given that loyalty programs work well, and they work especially well when there is a strong focus on driving specific customer behaviors. Keeping those behaviors front and center can be a challenge, but is a key factor for success […]

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We’re Looking At The Internet Of Things All Wrong

Theo Priestley tackled the excessive hype around the “things” part of the Internet of Things (IoT) today with his piece, “Everything is Connected in the Internet of Things.” Priestley very accurately says that the emphasis of what’s coming shouldn’t be on the “Things” or the “Internet” but instead on the data that will be generated […]

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Solving a problem with low technology

I’m a technology geek who happily earns his living solving problems with the latest innovations. In that role, it gets really easy to think that the answer to the most complex problems is a complex solution. In reality, not all problems need the latest invention, the fastest widget or the brilliant app no one ever […]

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You’re not helpless to stop customer churn

The greatest challenge for retailers today is customer churn, driven by how easy it is to switch and how many choices (quality, price and service) that are out there. Customer churn is not nearly as inevitable as most retailers and others might think. In fact, churn and attrition are preventable problems that require great focus […]

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How much do you find and solve problems?

Your value to your company, to yourself and probably to your family, too, is how well you find and solve problems. There are 7 billion people on this mortal coil and every single one has problems of one sort or another. Just some of them, and I would argue the wealthiest and sometimes the happiest, […]

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Don’t spread omni-channel evenly…think mobile first

Omni-channel is a popular term and for good reason. The sources for customer, product, inventory, and many other kinds of data data are exploding, leaving marketers playing catch up with the expectations of their tech-savvy customers. Spreading your efforts and resources across all channels, however, isn’t the wisest approach to the data explosion channel. All […]

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Marketing is leading the digital revolution

Every revolution has its vanguard. Throughout technology’s history, that vanguard has been the part of an organization willing to invest for one or both of two reasons: it is having significant trouble with the status quo or it has a compelling vision that things could be done in a new, better way. When computerization first […]

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How can you be successful without first defining success?

We’re way beyond the point where the world debates whether customer loyalty marketing works, which makes it a good example of a broader theme.  When we think about customer loyalty’s broad goals, whether the focus is on retention or brand affinity, investments in customer loyalty have shown repeatedly to provide a very strong return. So […]

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As a golfer once told me — “Never over, never in”

Back when I lived in Spain, I never completely grasped the value when my friend Valentín used to say, “Never over, never in.”  This is a golf mantra…a warning that if you don’t putt to a point just past the hole, you’re not always going to putt hard enough to get to the hole. The […]

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The customer experience bar is higher than you realize

Customer experience is going through rapid change. At the Forrester East Coast Customer Experience Forum in New York, the hot topic—and even the title of the conference—was “Why Good Enough Is Not Good Enough.” We’ve entered a new age of competitiveness that raises the bar significantly and forces brands to rethink the ways to know […]

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JerkTech is a growing problem and you need to know it

Jerktech is on the rise, and it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Each and every time technology innovates, opportunities are created for new ways to manipulate, deceive, extort and otherwise do bad things. Thanks to TechCrunch’s Josh Constine for coining a term that existed even before ReservationHop started booking phony reservations at popular restaurants and […]

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Disruption and the “French problem”

We spend significant time in France each year for a few reasons. For one, it is my wife’s homeland and there are family and friends to connect with. Secondly, it is an amazing place to be in the Summer. The weather, the food, the countryside, the beaches and the cities are all some of the […]

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